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When employee participation functions effectively, employees, clients, and students are engaged in important decisions at an early stage. This results in a sense of being taken seriously by the employee participation and the creation of the necessary support for decisions and the executive.

It all begins with organizing employee participation. You can structure employee participation to suit your organization, allowing for customization. It is essential to make clear agreements about communication and collaboration. Trust and confidentiality go hand in hand with openness and commitment from respective roles and responsibilities.

Focus Areas

  • Organizing employee participation;
  • Integral employee participation;
  • Consultation and information;
  • Right to advice;
  • Right to consent;
  • Negotiation;
  • Reorganization and restructuring;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Good governance and supervision (governance);
  • Employment conditions formation by and with the works council;
  • Sustainable employability;
  • Works councils in healthcare;
  • Employee participation in government – political primacy;
  • Employee participation in education.

Our Approach

Our team guides and advises numerous organizations and employee representative bodies, from (multi)national corporations to healthcare institutions, museums, orchestras, and government and educational institutions. Executives, works councils, and client councils have their unique ways of exercising employee participation.

We always keep the greater good in mind and employ negotiation skills to collectively arrive at the best solution. If necessary, we do not shy away from legal procedures. Additionally, we regularly conduct webinars and training sessions on employee participation.

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De Clercq Advocaten Notariaat is one of the top 5 law firms preferred by works councils in the Netherlands, according to the ORnet Partner of Choice survey among over 330 works council members. The recognition is based on investments in visibility, specialized lawyers in works council matters & employee participation, and knowledge sharing through various channels. The research assists works council professionals in making procurement decisions, with past positive experiences and alignment with values and corporate culture being decisive factors. Read more