Corporate Law and Business Law

We enjoy working for entrepreneurs, including startups, small and large national businesses, and international entities. Additionally, we frequently assist non-profit organizations and (semi-)public institutions such as housing corporations, healthcare institutions, and schools.

We provide advice and guidance in various areas, including:

  • Establishing legal entities and partnerships
  • Amending and drafting articles of association
  • Restructuring and business succession
  • Acquisitions, legal mergers, and splits
  • Financing and securities
  • Employee participations

Real Estate

We have assisted in numerous real estate transactions, providing advice to project developers, government entities, housing corporations, wind park operators, healthcare institutions, and real estate entrepreneurs. We also assist individuals in buying and selling homes or refinancing mortgages.

We can support you in various activities, including:

  • Financing
  • Establishment of property rights (leasehold and building rights, easements)
  • Subdivisions into apartment rights
  • Park management
  • Purchase and turnkey agreements
  • Hire purchase
  • Setting up funds
  • VAT and real estate transfer tax
  • Registration of networks

Family Law and Estate Planning

We provide advice on drafting wills, living wills, prenuptial agreements, and cohabitation agreements. You can also consult us for guidance on making gifts and obtaining a certificate of inheritance.

Estate Planning, in short, involves optimizing the fiscal and legal aspects of transferring your assets during your lifetime or upon death. Estate Planning can cover both your business and personal assets, whether located domestically or internationally. We are here to assist you with personal guidance and advice. When necessary, we collaborate with tax advisors and accountants to find the best solutions.


Notarial guidance restructuring
Advising and notarial guidance for a biotechnology company in the context of organizational restructuring.

Notarial assistance acquisition and integration
Advising and notarial assistance for an IT-sector company in the acquisition and integration of other businesses.

Participation structure
Establishing a participation structure for a company developing hydrogen technology.

Notarial guidance wind parks
Advising and notarial guidance for a company developing and operating wind parks in establishing building rights for wind turbines, registering and transferring networks, and securing them.

Real estate acquisition and redevelopment advice
Advising a real estate company in the acquisition and redevelopment of various locations across the Netherlands. We drafted purchase agreements and handled the conveyances. In some cases, we also had to amend subdivisions into apartment rights to enable a changed use or achieve a larger volume.

Guiding restructuring Quote 500 business 
Guiding a Quote 500 entrepreneur in restructuring their business and facilitating tax-advantaged gifting (business succession scheme) to the next generation.