Education and career

After training as a notary at the University of Groningen, Janbert commenced his career as a junior notary at Houthoff Buruma. In 2004, he successfully completed the specialist training in Financing & Securities at the Grotius Academy (cum laude). Janbert joined De Clercq two years after that, and has been a notary/partner since 2008. In 2009, Janbert completed the MasterCourse in Property Tax at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition to his work as a notary, he has lectured in property law and VAT/transfer tax at the Foundation for the Professional Education of Notaries since 2002.

Janbert's daily practice

‘As a notary, I chose to specialise in real estate. This means that I mainly deal with the many legal aspects of property transactions, property development, construction contracts, financing and securities. I also provide advice to housing corporations. My work requires considerable knowledge of various legal areas, but that’s exactly why my field is so very interesting.’