Education and Career

Thomas earned a bachelor’s degree in Law with a major in Law, Entrepreneurship & Management from Leiden University. His interest in labor law developed during his bachelor’s studies, where he engaged in extracurricular employment law courses. In 2023, he obtained his master’s degree in Labor Law from Leiden University. Throughout his academic journey, Thomas actively participated in the Leiden labor law study association, Sine Labore Nihil, where he contributed to committee work, including organizing the annual labor law congress. Following a successful internship with the Labor, Employee Participation & Mediation team, Thomas joined De Clercq after completing his master’s degree.

Daily practice

“My daily practice encompasses a combination of employment and employee participation law. This involves addressing issues related to dismissal, reorganizations, and restructuring, as well as handling matters concerning competition clauses, collective bargaining agreements, and leave. I am also regularly engaged in the drafting and modification of (model) employment contracts and complaints procedures. Additionally, I provide assistance to works councils and directors in employee participation processes, addressing matters related to the right of advice and consent. I offer advice and guidance in the establishment of works councils. Due to the breadth of my practice, each workday is unique, and I derive great pleasure from the diversity of my work.”