Education and career

After completing his legal studies in Leiden, Sacha embarked on his legal career as a lawyer within De Clercq’s Business Law practice group in 2005. During the initial years, he garnered extensive experience in a broad spectrum of business law practices. In 2010, following the completion of a postdoctoral study program at the Grotius Academy, Sacha made a strategic decision to specialize further in litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration. Sacha has since risen to the position of partner in the Business Law practice group, where his primary focus involves finding effective solutions for disputes and managing litigation.

Sacha’s daily practice

”I bring extensive experience in advising and representing parties in liability matters, legal proceedings, and other disputes. My specialization as a lawyer lies primarily in corporate litigation, with a focus on directors’ and officers’ liability, professional indemnity, shareholder disputes, and business conflicts. For directors and entrepreneurs, I offer guidance not only in managing disputes but also in proactively avoiding them. Additionally, I provide advice on organizing corporate governance to ensure effective supervision.”