Education and career

Menno graduated from Leiden University in Civil Law in 2009, with a focus on ‘Legal protection in procurements’. He then commenced his legal career as an attorney at De Clercq. He won the Hague Moot Court Competitions in 2012, and went on to take second place in the National Moot Court Competitions. Since graduating, Menno has continued to regularly attend professional development courses and seminars.

Menno’s daily practice

Menno’s daily practice is procedural in nature, with an ongoing focus on IT and procurement issues. In recent years, he has served as lead counsel in a variety of tenders and complex legal proceedings. For example, Menno recently advised on the tender for the European Commission’s European Digital Identity Wallet (contract value of €26 million), and also argued successfully before the Court on the right of tenderers to rectify a tender. Menno also advises and litigates on performance disputes in awarded contracts.
Menno provides advice to both suppliers and contracting authorities, including museums, municipal health institutions and parts of various government ministries.

Selected cases

Procurement law preliminary relief proceedings relating to IT service provision

Recovery of an undue benefit payment on behalf of a pension fund

Procurement law preliminary relief proceedings relating to the supply of hardware

Procurement law preliminary relief proceedings

Contract interpretation and subsequent proceedings to determine damages

Procurement law preliminary relief proceedings relating to rectification of errors in a tender

IT procurement law preliminary relief proceedings

Appeal on whether the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) may be rectified by a tenderer

In addition, Menno’s previous work has included recovery of wrongfully paid funds, liability matters, the consequences of an aborted merger, and non-performance of purchase agreements.