• Professional Law School (2019-2022)
  • University of Groningen, Master’s in Dutch Law, specialising in Employment Law, Corporate Law and Criminal Law (2014-2016)
  • University of Groningen, Bachelor of Law (2010-2014)


Laura’s introduction to the legal profession came during her studies, through her part-time job at a law firm in Groningen. She also provided legal advice at a legal advice centre. After completing her studies, Laura focused principally on employment law, working in this field at a law firm in Utrecht for almost five years. She joined De Clercq in May 2022.

Laura's daily practice

On a daily basis, Laura primarily advises employers on employment law matters such as individual dismissal, unsatisfactory performance and terms and conditions of employment (including changes to these). Laura also specialises in assisting employees who are incapacitated for work, providing advice on reintegration obligations, partial or full termination of employment due to long-term disability, and social security law as it relates to benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA) and wage sanctions. Finally, employment participation is also part of her practice. She advises and guides works councils and directors in a wide range of processes and collaborations.

Selected cases

Summary dismissal

Providing advice and guidance to an employer in handling and settling a summary dismissal.

Early IVA benefit

I conducted an appeal on behalf of an employer against the rejection by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) of an early benefit under the Fully Disabled Persons Income Scheme (IVA). As a result, the IVA benefit was approved retroactively, saving the employer a considerable amount in costs.

Guidance in reintegration process

I guide employers in reintegration processes, on the one hand to ensure that they satisfy all of the legal obligations and avoid wage sanctions, and on the other to enable employees to return to work as soon as possible.

Hybrid work scheme

Advising and guiding works councils on establishing a Hybrid Work scheme.

Occupational health and safety policy

Advising and guiding works councils in their role with respect to establishing and developing an occupational health and safety policy, including hazard identification and risk assessment (RI&E) and appointing prevention officers.