• Professional training of lawyers (2019-2022)
  • University of Groningen, Master of Dutch Law, specializations in Labor Law, Business Law and Criminal Law (2014-2016)
  • University of Groningen, Bachelor of Law (2010-2014)


Laura gained early exposure to the legal profession during her studies through a part-time job at a law firm in Groningen. She also provided legal advice at a legal aid center. Following the completion of her studies, Laura primarily focused on labor law. After nearly 5 years of working in labor law at a law firm in Utrecht, she joined De Clercq in May 2022.

Daily practice

Laura’s daily practice involves advising HR managers and HR advisors on various aspects of labor law, including individual and collective labor law as well as cross-border behavior. Additionally, Laura is heavily involved in providing advice on reintegration processes and employees with disabilities. This includes aspects of social security law. Finally, Laura’s practice encompasses participation, where she advises and guides both works councils and executives in various processes and collaborations.

In her daily practice, Laura primarily advises employers on labor law. This includes individual dismissal law, issues related to underperformance, and (changes to) employment conditions. Laura also specializes in cases involving employees with disabilities. She provides advice on reintegration obligations, (partial) termination due to long-term disability, and social security law, such as WIA benefits and wage sanctions. Lastly, Laura is engaged in participation matters, where she advises and guides both works councils and executives in various processes and collaborations.

Selected cases

Summary Dismissal

Advising and guiding an employer in the approach and settlement of a termination with immediate effect.

Early IVA Benefit

Successfully conducted a grievance procedure on behalf of an employer against the UWV’s rejection of an early IVA benefit. This resulted in the retroactive approval of the early IVA benefit, leading to significant cost savings for the employer.

Reintegration Process Support

Providing guidance to employers in reintegration processes, ensuring compliance with all legal obligations to prevent wage sanctions and facilitating the swift reintegration of employees into the workforce.

Hybrid Working Policy

Advising and guiding works councils in the development of a Hybrid Working policy.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy (Arbobeleid)

Advising and guiding works councils in their role in the development and implementation of occupational health and safety policies, including Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) and the appointment of prevention officers.