Education and career

Jessica has been working as a notary’s clerk at De Clercq since 2005. Her career in notarial practice began fourteen years earlier as a secretary in a firm of civil-law notaries, where she specialized over time in property registration. In 2001, after a four-year study program, Jessica achieved her certificate of competence as a civil-law notary’s clerk from SOMN, a training center for employees in the notarial profession. She is now entitled to use the title Registered Notary’s Clerk, a designation reserved for clerks who meet continuous professional development (CPD) requirements. In 2016, Jessica also successfully completed the Business Law module at INM, the Institute for the Further Training of Notarial Staff.

Jessica’s daily practice

“I used to focus on property registrations, but now, I mainly work in business law—a varied and very interesting area of the law. The cases that land on my desk include the incorporation of legal entities, amendments to articles of association (including reductions in share capital), share transfers, mergers, divisions, and corporate restructuring. While it might be tough reading for some, I absolutely love it!”