Education and career

Jan-Pieter studied Economics and Dutch Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and successfully completed his Master’s in Employment Law (cum laude) in 2011. He worked as an attorney for various law firms from 2012 to the end of 2017, and went on to lecture in Employment Law at Erasmus University from 2017 to 2023. He joined De Clercq as an attorney in 2024, and focuses on employment law (including internationally) and employment participation law.


Jan-Pieter's daily practice

‘Employment law is a fascinating and challenging field. Because no question or problem is exactly the same, and there are few to no standard answers available, creative solutions are required. I derive a great deal of energy from helping clients, with a dose of humour wherever possible. I also feel it’s important to share my knowledge with clients, colleagues and students by means of courses and publications, as a means of staying keen and up to date. It goes without saying that I also enjoy learning from others!’

Selected cases

Acting on behalf of a works council

This case concerned a dispute about whether or not a decision required advice. After the threat of proceedings in the Netherlands Enterprise Court, the case was settled.

Providing substantive advice to works councils

Provision of advice on the content of consultation and consent requests, enabling the works council to engage in high-level discussions with the employer.

Providing advice on the design of a employment participation structure

Provision of advice to a group consisting of limited liability companies on designing an effective employment participation structure.

Providing advice on holiday pay structure

Analysis of various salary components in order to provide advice on the scope of a reserve on the balance sheet.

Setting up Dutch branch as part of an international group

Providing advice to a foreign client on setting up their Dutch branch, including preparing the necessary documentation.