Education and career

Jacco studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked as a legal counsel for a business organization from 1996 to 1999. He has been practicing as a lawyer since 1999, initially as a partner at De Groen & Van Lint Advocaten in Sassenheim until the end of 2023. Since 2024, this firm has merged with De Clercq, and he continues his practice there as a co-partner. Jacco has also completed the VBR training in construction law (civil law and administrative law).

Daily practice

Jacco is experienced in litigation before various courts, including district courts, courts of appeal (including the Enterprise Chamber), Council of State, and arbitration institutions. He is also skilled in dispute resolution outside of the courtroom, as well as providing advice and contract negotiation. Jacco is frequently involved in administrative and official discussions with local authorities.

Selected cases

Building dispute with multiple aspects

Representation of a contractor in the settlement of a construction project for a company hall with an office building. Disputes with the client and subcontractors, including issues related to defects, payments, changes in scope of work, and retention rights. After seizing assets from the contractor and a expert investigation, the ongoing arbitration proceedings were ultimately settled.

Real estate development with various conflicts

Advising an entrepreneur/developer on various spatial aspects, involving discussions with various authorities (both administrative and political levels) and other stakeholders. Providing assistance in objection and appeal procedures initiated by opponents of the plan, up to and including the Council of State. Eventually, the plan was realized as intended.

Eviction of a leased property

Advising a landlord regarding a commercial property. Non-paying tenant and termination of the lease agreement. Filing a summary proceeding for eviction. Dispute over the applicable lease regime. After winning two legal proceedings, a final settlement was reached with the former tenant, fulfilling all payment obligations.

Enforcement of zoning plan violation

Advising a business owner and real estate owner confronted with requests for enforcement of the zoning plan. Ultimately, enforcement action was avoided through transitional provisions, but a court ruling was required for this.

Construction tender dispute

Advising and litigating for a contractor who came in second in a tender for civil engineering works by a municipality. The winning contractor, however, did not meet all requirements, and the allocation of points in the evaluation method for bids was incorrect. In an expedited court procedure involving all parties concerned, the municipality was prohibited from awarding the contract to the winning contractor. Eventually, the second contractor was awarded the contract, achieving the desired result.