Education and career

After obtaining two degrees from Leiden University in 1989, Henriëtte started her career as the first female attorney at De Clercq. Ten years later she became one of the firm’s partners. Henriëtte went on to take NMI-accredited mediator training in both 2002 and 2012. She has been registered as a mediator with the Netherlands Federation of Mediators (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland, MfN) since 2014. In order to competently perform her supervisory role, Henriëtte successfully completed the Supervisory Board Cycle at Nyenrode in 2013. In 2021, she also successfully completed training in solution-focused coaching.

Henriëtte’s daily practice

Henriëtte commenced her law career as a broad legal practitioner, only later coming to focus on employment law. She subsequently added a mediation practice, specialising in employment matters and cooperation problems within partnerships, management boards and works councils. She approaches her work with a great deal of enjoyment and enthusiasm that she communicates to her clients, and solutions are often quickly found.

Together with Renate Vink-Dijkstra, Henriëtte also thoroughly enjoys leading her team of outstanding and committed professionals. There are few things she is so passionate about as passing on her legal and solution-oriented experience to others.

Her numerous ancillary activities demonstrate her broad view of the profession and a similarly broad interest in the people and world around her, particularly with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion. Another priority for Henriëtte is a sustainable society. With this in mind, she has served as Chair of the SPARK Leiden Foundation – promoting enterprise with impact – and has been Chair of the municipality of Leiden’s Circular Value Committee (Commissie Circulair Verwaarden), allocating grants for the best circular and innovative initiatives aimed at preventing or re-using waste.

Henriëtte’s involvement in her ancillary activities has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, Into Business magazine named her Leiden’s Most Powerful. Since 2022, Henriëtte has also been listed among the Top 50 women in Leiden who have had an impact in a variety of ways.

Selected cases

Summary dismissal

Proceedings following summary dismissal, for reasons such as falsifying signatures and use of medications.

Unacceptable behaviour

Providing advice on preventing unacceptable behaviour, drafting codes of conduct, conducting and supervising interviews, and advising on the right action to take after unacceptable behaviour has been observed.

Staff regulations and handbooks

Ensuring that staff regulations and handbooks are aligned with collective labour agreements, providing advice on collective labour agreements.


Guiding the entire reorganisation process from start to finish, from the request for advice for the Works Council, to the interviews with employees and the drafting of settlement agreements or UWV applications.

Sick employees

Providing advice on sick employees, and on preventing or reducing absenteeism due to illness.

Directors and managers

Coaching and advising directors and managers in the responsible role they play as one corner of the triangle they form together with the Supervisory Board and employment participation.

Compliance/non-compliance with employer instructions

Providing advice and guidance with respect to non-performance and/or non-compliance with employer instructions, such as refusal to wear masks.


Conducting mediations on the advice of an attorney or company doctor as a result of sick leave taken by employees engaged in workplace conflicts.