Education and career

David graduated in 2010 from Utrecht University. Afterward, he worked as a lawyer at the KNMG (the professional organization of physicians) and the FGzPt (professional organization of psychologists). During this period, he gained extensive experience in general administrative law. Starting in November 2023, David strengthens the Real Estate and Administrative Law section of De Clercq.

Daily practice

In my daily work, I deal with a wide range of cases, with real estate always at the center. It can involve sales and rentals, as well as additional or reduced work, the amount of the contract sum, or liability for defects in real estate construction. I also advise on environmental law aspects of real estate, ranging from permits to the monumental status. The variety of cases I encounter and the intersection between administrative law and civil law make my work very interesting.

Selected cases

Advice on the possibilities of hire purchase

Provided advice to a landlord on hire purchase in a case where the landlord wanted to sell the property to the tenant.

Statute of limitations in construction law

A client demanded the contractor to rectify defects in a completed construction project. Provided advice on the various relevant limitation and statute of limitations periods.

Advice on damage to a home due to construction activities

A client’s home suffered damage from construction activities in the neighborhood. Provided advice on the liability of various parties.

Status of a building as a municipal monument

The building that the client had purchased was shortly thereafter designated as a municipal monument. Litigated against the designation.