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Our team consists of mediators who are certified by the Netherlands Federation of Mediators (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland, MfN). We possess extensive experience in handling discussions that have either run aground or escalated, getting them back on track again and improving cooperation in the workplace, in a partnership, or within a team.

As mediators, we are impartial and separate from the dispute at hand. We take a process-oriented approach to guide the parties concerned towards a mutually supported solution that best serves the underlying interests. In fact, it is precisely these interests that we aim to reveal. What is actually going on? What is behind it all? Where are the concerns and objections?

Once a solution has been reached, then it is important to also record it properly in legal terms. In this respect, clients benefit from the fact that every De Clercq mediator is also an attorney.

Focus areas

  • Industrial disputes;
  • Disputes concerning sick employees;
  • Cooperation problems within a team or between a supervisor and an employee;
  • Cooperation problems within a management team, a Supervisory Board or a Supervisory Council;
  • Problems within partnerships between doctors, specialists, lawyers, notaries and other professionals;
  • Problems within a works council, both between members and with the director;
  • Disputes between a director and a regulator (governance issues).

Our approach

Each mediation starts with individual introductory and familiarisation meetings. We then establish working arrangements in a mediation agreement that safeguards matters such as confidentiality, non-disclosure and voluntariness.

The first joint meeting takes place after this. While this meeting can take place at our office, which is a neutral location, our mediators are also happy to come to you if that is more comfortable or convenient for you. Based on the facts of the matter, we identify the underlying interests. Once these have been clarified and the involved parties are ready, we brainstorm alternatives and solutions based on what each party needs, and what they are able to offer each other. In general two or three follow-up meetings are necessary for the parties to come to mutual agreements that everyone can support.

At the end of the process, we record in writing the agreements that have been made. In effect, we guide you right from the start of this often emotional and intense process, to the end.



If you have any queries or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the specialists on our team!