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Our team comprises MfN-certified mediators (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland) with extensive experience in redirecting stalled or escalated conversations and enhancing collaboration, whether it’s in the workplace, within a partnership, or within a team.

As mediators, we remain impartial and rise above the dispute. We guide the involved parties procedurally toward a mutually agreed-upon solution that optimally reflects their underlying interests. Uncovering these interests is a key aspect of our approach. We aim to delve into what is truly at play, what lies beneath the surface, and what concerns and objections exist.

Upon reaching a solution, it is crucial to legally document it. Therefore, the advantage lies in the fact that every mediator at De Clercq is also a lawyer.

Focus Areas

  • Employment issues;
  • Conflicts surrounding sick employees;
  • Collaboration issues within a team or between a manager and an employee;
  • Collaboration problems within an executive team, a Supervisory Board, or a Board of Trustees;
  • Issues within partnerships of doctors, specialists, lawyers, notaries, and other professionals;
  • Problems within the Works Council, both among members and with the executive;
  • Conflicts between the executive and the supervisor (governance issues).

Our Approach

Every mediation begins with an individual introduction and acquaintance meetings. Following this, we establish working agreements in a mediation agreement, ensuring confidentiality, secrecy, and voluntariness.

The first joint conversation then takes place, either at our office, a neutral location, or at a location more comfortable and convenient for you. Based on the facts, we identify underlying interests. Once these are clear and the parties are ready, we brainstorm alternatives and solutions: what do you need, and what can you offer the other party? Generally, two to three follow-up conversations are needed to eventually arrive at agreements that everyone can stand behind.

At the end of the process, we document the agreements made in writing. This way, we guide you from start to finish during this often emotional and intensive journey.


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