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Sooner or later, many companies are confronted with the situation that they need to intervene in order to restore and maintain their health. Restructuring is one of the possibilities to achieve this. The decision and its consequences are complex and far-reaching for entrepreneurs, employees, customers and creditors. This certainly applies to a company in financial difficulties. In a short space of time, the parties involved will be faced with many problems. There is a need for quick and decisive action, advice on positions, possibilities and solutions, but also for insights from various angles. Not only with a view to putting the company or part of it in safe waters, but also to safeguard the interests of creditors, shareholders or employees, for example.

De Clercq’s lawyers have years of experience in all areas relevant to advising and – if necessary – litigating in situations where companies are in trouble. After all, rapid action can be essential. All the expertise involved is brought together in De Clercq’s restructuring team, and if necessary they work together with other specialists such as accountants and tax consultants. An integral approach to get the best result.

In recent years, the restructuring team has been involved in various major national issues and has advised shareholders, directors, works councils and creditors.

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