Per studied at Leiden University and completed the postgraduate course in Procurement Law cum laude at VU University Amsterdam in 2007.


Per has been a lawyer since 1993 and is associated with De Clercq since 2001. Per has been a lecturer in Practical Law (negotiating and pleading) at the professional training of the Dutch Bar Association for several years. He was also a guest lecturer in Rental Law at Leiden University for some time.

Per’s daily practice

”At the outset of my career as a lawyer, I engaged in a broad and general practice. While my foundation lies in tenancy law, my current focus extends predominantly to construction law and real estate law in its entirety. This includes involvement from the initial sketch, navigating the permit process, collaborating with architects and handling building contracts, all the way through completion to sale or rental. My clientele primarily consists of project developers, housing corporations, landlords, tenants, clients, architects, and contractors.”