After studying German language and literature, Barbara went on to gain her Bachelor’s degree in Law at Leiden University in 2013, all while managing a job and her family with three sons. In 2020, she successfully completed the Harvard Negotiation for Lawyers training at OSR Legal Education, Utrecht.


Barbara’s enthusiasm for employment participation has been a recurrent theme throughout her life. Both during and after her studies, she has served in a number of employment participation bodies (including a study committee, a faculty council, an employee representative body, a participation council and a works council). She has worked at De Clercq Advocaten since 2020.

Barbara’s daily practice

Providing advice and sharing knowledge are important aspects of Barbara’s practice. She also enjoys exploring in-depth legal issues, writing for academic journals and other publications, and providing courses and training. In addition, she collaborated with a colleague to develop the WOR (Works Councils Act) app. Finally, Barbara is the point of contact for the students undertaking internships with the Employment Law/Employment Participation team.