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Holiday leave (English)

Taking (or being able to take) up holiday leave is important for everyone. Yet in practice, we see that many employers struggle with certain questions with regard to leave. Not surpisingly,  considering that there are so many types of leave.  We often receive questions about the accrual, take-up and expiry of the various types of leave. And how about illness during holiday? What if the employee wishes to have his/her holiday balance paid out? What if an employee does not return from holiday at all? Plenty of reasons to discuss this during a separate webinar.

During this webinar, Caroline Mehlem, employment lawyer at De Clercq advocaten, will update you on all the (legal) questions that may arise. She will provide tips and recommendations on how best to deal with them in practice. Among others, the following topics will be discussed:

– Various types of leave

– Accrual of holiday leave

– Expiration of holiday leave

– Avoidance of holiday leave backlog

– Request for holiday issues

– Mandatory days of holiday

– Illness during holiday leave

– Payment of holiday leave

You will participate, won’t you? It is free of charge. Registration is possible via the attached link.

See you then!


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