Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Our story

Our story – the De Clercq story – is about entrepreneurs who wish to grasp opportunities and thrive. About authorities that strive for the optimal performance of their public duties. And about private individuals who need legal representation or notary services. Briefly put: our story is about our clients and how we can further assist them.

Innovative and focused

Ever since our firm was established in 1850, De Clercq has been forward-looking. Where do clients’ opportunities lie? And where do ours? And how can we excel together? This requires vision as well as focus. We have therefore specialised in a select number of areas of the law and in specific markets. Within these areas and markets, we monitor developments closely, analyse their impact and develop innovative legal solutions. To achieve this, we move beyond the boundaries of what is known, foreseeable and commonplace.

Client-oriented and cooperative

We strive for equal cooperation and a partnership with our clients. Long term considerations always have priority over short-term gain. As such, we are keen to invest time and energy in order to get to know you and the context in which you operate better. This is a pleasant and effective process, for you and us. Our approach is widely appreciated. Many clients – throughout the Netherlands and abroad – therefore find their way to De Clercq.

Decisive and targeted

As De Clercq is a no-nonsense firm, you can rest assured there will be no obscure language or veiled jargon from our side. We cut to the chase, openly tackle challenges and do not flinch from plain speaking. And we expect the same from you. In order to achieve your objective, we work pragmatically and creatively. And as long as it benefits your case, we dare to step off the beaten track: removing obstacles and clearing the way for you.

Razor-sharp and critical

To enable us to achieve the best result for you, we set the bar high for ourselves. Good is not good enough, we want to excel. Our lawyers are therefore selected on the basis of their expertise and experience, as well as their ability to sink their teeth into a case. Because knowledge counts, experience dominates and every detail can be decisive. Therefore, we can put our necks on the line and say that De Clercq has the best knowledge to represent you or your legal department in a dispute.

Social and committed

De Clercq operates at the heart of society. In addition to your interests, we are thus keen to serve in the public interest. For this reason, we support various institutions, associations and initiatives, including ZZ Leiden Basketball, the SPARK Foundation and RonaldMcDonald House Leiden.