Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague
Lawyer / Partner / Mediator

Ernst van Win

Ernst van Win works at the interface of employment and business and in employee participation. Finding the best solution for his clients is an absolute priority for him; a challenge that he tackles with the essential enthusiasm and perseverance. Ernst also has the ability to put things into perspective, which is a regular advantage in his work as a business mediator.

Education and career

After completing his legal studies in Leiden, Ernst joined De Clercq as a lawyer in 1983, made partner four years later, and held the position of managing partner for an extended period. He has also been a registered mediator since 1996 and, from 2009 to 2012, was the Dean of The Hague Bar Association. Over his long career, Ernst has worked on a number of high-profile cases, including those involving the Wadden Sea Society, Amarantis and the Lieven de Key housing corporation. He has also overseen the mergers of museums and orchestras. His ‘art and law speciality’ also saw him involved in the purchase of the ‘De Brillenverkoper’ (The Spectacles Seller) – the oldest known painting of Rembrandt – by the city of Leiden and Museum De Lakenhal. Ernst is always keen to share his knowledge: as a lecturer, including via Law at Web (on reorganisations and rules of conduct in the legal profession) and OSR (on labour law in mergers and acquisitions), as well as a congress and symposium speaker.

Ernst’s daily practice

‘Over the last three decades, I have acquired a wealth of experience in labour law and business law processes. But my daily practice also includes liability law (including professional indemnity) and disciplinary law. As an employee participation lawyer, I am involved in major works councils – including in the public service – and in the reorganisation and transfer of undertakings. However, with my broad experience in corporate litigation, I can also provide excellent courtroom representation, while my negotiating skills as a business mediator further enable me to bring parties together, including partners in medical and legal partnerships. Lastly, I also regularly act as a strategic adviser for works councils and as a boardroom counsellor.’