Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Per van der Kooi

Per van der Kooi is one of De Clercq’s veterans. Although he is experienced in many areas of the law, he is mostly regarded as a specialist in procurement law. As befits a client-oriented lawyer, Per always looks for ways to settle disputes among parties. However, as a ‘consummate litigator’, he does not shy away from legal proceedings if a settlement is not possible. Lastly, Per is always keen to share his knowledge with ‘the market’. He is therefore also De Clercq’s uncrowned ‘prolific writer’.

Education and career

Per has been a lawyer since 1993 and joined De Clercq in 2001. He studied law at Leiden University and completed the Postdoctoral Procurement Law Programme cum laude at VU University Amsterdam in 2007. Before moving to De Clercq, Per worked as a lecturer in Legal Practice (negotiating and arguing cases) at the Netherlands Bar Association for a number of years. He was also a guest lecturer in Tenancy Law at Leiden University for some time. Besides his work as a lawyer, Per also co-authors the Procurement and Tender Knowledge Base.

Per’s daily practice

‘As a lawyer, I initially had a broad and general practice, but the emphasis has gradually shifted towards labour law, insolvency law and property law. Since joining De Clercq, I have – in addition to tenancy law, construction law and property law in the broad sense – focused mainly on procurement law. My clients are mainly project developers, housing corporations, landlords, tenants, project owners, architects, contractors, contracting authorities and tenderers.’