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Candidate notary

Stephanie Schoonhoven

Stephanie Schoonhoven is a very experienced candidate notary with a solid track record in the field of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and corporate governance. As a legal service provider and advisor, she enjoys working alongside her clients to come up with the best solutions, agreements and contracts.

Education and career

After completing her studies in Notarial Law at Leiden University in 1995 and the Professional Training Notary in 1999, Stephanie completed the specialist training course in Company and Corporate Law at Grotius Academy in 2000. In order to enrich her advisory skills, she is currently also following the Legal Mediator course at the ADR Institute. Stephanie has worked as a candidate civil-law notary and as an assistant civil-law notary at various reputable offices since 1995. In July 2020, she joined De Clercq, where she puts her years of experience to use within the Corporate Law department.

Stephanie’s daily practice

“As a junior notary, it is strictly speaking my job to ensure that agreements and contracts between parties are legally correct, which is of course important. But I see my added value mainly in the intensive process ‘at the front end’. As a neutral party, I see it as my role to get clarity from all parties involved about what they themselves want and to ensure that they also understand each other’s points of view. In this way, I can help my clients reach better agreements. In my daily practice, I mainly assist entrepreneurs in solving their legal issues, ranging from setting up and structuring activities and businesses to business transfers – and everything in between. For many clients I also act as a sounding board and think along (pro)actively about possible solutions.”