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Renate Vink-Dijkstra

Renate Vink-Dijkstra is a highly driven and enthusiastic lawyer with a big heart for employee participation. Together with her clients, she always tries to reach the best solution from a human and practical point of view.

Education and career

Renate completed her law studies at Leiden University and graduated in 2008. Since then, Renate has been working as a lawyer and has specialised in employment law, more specifically in employee participation. Within that framework, Renate successfully completed the specialisation course Labour, Enterprise and Employee Participation at the University of Amsterdam in 2015. Her passion for labour and co-determination is reflected in her daily practice, in which she supervises diverse processes in the field of collective labour law and co-determination. Renate also likes to share her knowledge and experience through publications and teaching. As chairwoman of the BVMP, she also contributes to the promotion of employee participation in the Netherlands.

Renate’s daily practice

“I can assist you with all kinds of issues in the field of labour and employee participation, for example, preparing and implementing mergers, takeovers, restructuring or reorganisation, but also with the establishment or amendment of (collective) terms of employment and setting up the employee participation structure in a way that suits the company. I like to do this together, taking into account the interests of all parties. Employee participation is about talking and thinking together, reaching the best result together, a result that is good for the employees and the company. This is often the best way to achieve the best solutions. And if it is necessary? Then I have the legal brackets to help you.