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Janka Sintemaartensdijk

Janka Sintemaartensdijk is an experienced and enthusiastic employment lawyer. With her personal commitment, she likes to be of assistance in preventing or resolving disputes in the field of employment law, employee participation law, and pension law.

Education and career

After graduating from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Janka worked for several years as an employment lawyer for a legal expenses insurance company. In 2008 she made the step to the legal profession and in 2011 Janka completed the postgraduate employment law course at Erasmus University. Besides providing advice and conducting proceedings, Janka likes to share her knowledge by giving workshops and courses, in-house or otherwise.

Janka’s day-to-day practice

“As an employment law specialist, I provide advice – and, if necessary, conduct proceedings – concerning, amongst other things, entering into, changing and/or terminating employment relationships (flexible or otherwise), long-term disability, company transfers, non-competition clauses, terms and conditions of employment (including pension) and employee participation. I like to get my teeth into a case, without losing sight of a practical solution. The combination of organisational and individual interests – something which appeals to me very much in employment law – means that the formal-legal solution is not always the best one.”