Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague
Notary / Partner

Janbert Heemstra

Janbert Heemstra is a notary with a broad background. He has a special affinity with young entrepreneurs and start-ups, but also likes to use his expertise as an advisor for established companies. In his spare time, Janbert finds relaxation in hiking and tennis, but also in portrait painting and listening to chamber music.

Education and career

After his notarial training at the University of Groningen, Janbert started his career as a candidate notary at Houthoff Buruma. In 2004 he completed the specialist course Financing & Securities with distinction at the Grotius Academy. Two years later Janbert joined De Clercq. He has been a notary/partner since 2008. In 2009 Janbert followed the MasterCourse Real Estate Tax at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition to being a notary, Janbert has been a teacher of real estate law and VAT / transfer tax at the Foundation for the Professional Training of Notaries since 2002.

The daily practice of Janbert

“As a notary, I have specialised in real estate. This means that I am mainly concerned with the numerous legal aspects of (property) transactions, project development, construction contracts, financing and securities. I also advise housing corporations. My work requires quite a bit of knowledge of various legal areas, but that is what keeps my profession so fascinating.