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Guus Wife

Guus Wife is an enthusiastic lawyer with a wide interest in employment law – and in particular in the field of employee participation. He looks at matters rationally and at the same time takes into account the interests of both parties. Guus likes to switch quickly and is therefore a decisive negotiator.

Education and career

Guus completed both the Bachelor’s degree in Law and the Bachelor’s in Notarial Law at Leiden University, after which he graduated in Labor Law in 2019. During the Masters in Employment Law, he participated in the Honors Class program and was also on the board of the Leiden study association for Employment Law SLN. In June 2019, he joined De Clercq.

The daily practice of Guus

“Within our employment law practice I am mainly concerned with matters in the field of employee participation, individual and collective dismissal and (non) competition. Employment law is often – especially with larger organizations – so complex that works councils can make good use of legal expertise. In addition, I also regularly assist directors. I think it makes sense to be able to advise both parties alternately, since that ensures that I can understand both sides well. In the field of employee participation, it has been my experience that both parties often want the best for the organization, but often have a different vision for its implementation. By explaining objectively and with respect for everyone’s role and interests, how the other party sees it, you can usually work it out together. What I personally really enjoy doing is negotiating with the other party. I work in a jurisdiction where you often have to switch quickly, certainly in the final phase of negotiations. That suits me. “