Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Menno de Wijs

Menno de Wijs is an enthusiastic professional, with a wealth of detailed knowledge and a goal-oriented approach.

Education and career

Menno graduated in Civil Law from Leiden University in 2009 and wrote his dissertation on the topic of ‘Legal Protection in Tenders’. He immediately started his legal career at De Clercq. Eager to continue developing, Menno has attended professional courses and study days on an almost constant basis since his graduation, including at the Postgraduate Legal Education Centre at Leiden University and the Academy for Legal Practice.

Menno’s daily practice

‘My practice is process-oriented and I mainly deal with questions relating to IT and other areas of procurement law, liability law, the law of obligations and business law. I can advise you, for example, on what tender procedure to follow, the application of award criteria and how to interpret an awarded contract. But I can also attach wp-content on your behalf in order to collect a claim. Litigation obviously forms part of my work: directors’ and officers’ liability in an invalid share transfer, for example, or the consequences under the law of obligations of terminating an implementation agreement. As you can see, no lack of diversity here.’