Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Alwin Farahani

Alwin Farahani is accurate, creative and versatile: qualities that are of great use to him in his work as a lawyer. As a creative thinker, he often finds – even with complex material – good, workable solutions off the beaten track. Because of his natural manners, Alwin is a valued discussion partner who is able to properly relate to the specific interests of clients.

Education and career

Alwin combined his Bachelor’s degree in Law at Leiden University with a study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and successfully completed both courses. He then fully focused on the Civil Law master’s degree, which he successfully completed in 2016. Subsequently, Alwin studied law at the University of Connecticut in the United States. In September 2019, after gaining work experience at various law firms and having worked for a year in the legal sector, Alwin found a new challenge at De Clercq.

Alwin’s daily practice

“Within the Real Estate, Government & Notarial Department of De Clercq, I work with colleagues with a variety of files. As a result, I have to deal with a wide variety of clients, ranging from contractors and housing associations to homeowners’ associations and private individuals. Both within civil law and administrative law practice I am well versed, regardless of whether it is a dispute between contractor and client or between private and municipality. After all, the real estate market is very broad and diverse. This versatility suits me perfectly and ensures that I can approach a problem from different angles and expertise. One day, for example, I assess specific provisions from a building contract or lease, the other day I guide a client through a tendering procedure or I stand up for a client who is opposed to the municipality. Prevention is always better than cure, but even when a dispute already exists I can switch quickly and well. I always look for the most suitable solution in the interest of my client. “