Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Marloes Noordam

Marloes Noordam is a valued member of our labour law team. Colleagues and clients know her as an ambitious, client-oriented lawyer and a true go-getter. She takes her clients by the hand and does not rest until there is a viable solution for all parties on the table.

Education and career

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in Private Law in 2009, Marloes started her career at a medium-sized law firm. As legal assistant there, she focused on property law – particularly tenancy law – and labour law. After a short period as a legal assistance provider in the personal injury practice of a legal expenses insurer, Marloes joined De Clercq in 2010, where she has practised as a lawyer since 2011.

Marloes’s daily practice

‘As a lawyer, I mainly represent employers. I advise and litigate in respect of almost any topic relating to labour law or employee participation law. If you have – or foresee you will have – a dispute concerning unsatisfactory performance procedures, incapacity for work, employment conditions, the law on collective bargaining agreements, pension law, or the right of works councils to be consulted and endorse decisions, I would be happy to advise and assist you. I am also experienced in guiding clients through larger reorganisation processes and can be of service in mediation proceedings.’