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Lawyer / Partner

Frank Eradus

Frank Eradus was sworn in as a lawyer in 1995. Frank conducts a combined consultancy and litigation practice, mainly in the construction and infrastructure industries. As a lawyer, he specialises in construction law with a special focus on contract and building contract law, procurement law, property law, business law, liability law and insurance law. He also provides advice on project-related business-law aspects, such as mergers, demergers and the incorporations of special purpose companies.

Education and career

After studying Building & Architecture and Dutch Law, Frank developed into a specialist in construction and property. To that end, he completed, among other things, two Grotius courses: Immovable Property and Business & Liability. As corporate counsel and later as a lawyer Frank has advised and represented many companies and authorities in the procurement and realisation of complex construction and infrastructure projects. In the past 10 years, Frank has also been active in the sustainable energy industry. Under his legal responsibility, a number of leading wind farms could be realised in several locations, including in the Noordoostpolder and in the Eemshaven.

Frank’s daily practice

“I counsel my clients mostly proactively towards the successful realisation and completion of their project. I prefer to resolve any disputes amicably. If that fails, I put all my efforts into conducting legal proceedings. I regularly appear in national and international arbitration proceedings or before the ordinary court. Besides my work, I arrange for lectures and have acted as introductory speaker at the Institute for Construction Law and the Institute for Agricultural Law in the field of construction, infrastructure and sustainable energy.”