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Webinar reorganization and dismissal

Jaouad Seghrouchni

17 November 2023 - < 1 minutes reading time

Thursday 19 September 2024 || 09:00-10:00 AM

The world is constantly changing. Companies must therefore be able to adapt. Growth, downsizing, transferring business units, an acquisition or relocation is sometimes necessary. A reorganization, whether in the form of restructuring or not, cannot always be avoided.

What is involved? For example, what is the required order to determine who is to be made redundant following a reorganization? And which (severance) payments should an employer take into account?

During this webinar Jaouad Seghrouchni, employment lawyer at De Clercq Advocaten Notariaat, will update you on the (legal) aspects of reorganization and dismissal. He will provide you with advices and recommendations for a good approach to this process.

The following matters will be covered:

  • Reorganization plan
  • Personal consequences
  • Reflection principle
  • Social plan
  • Collective dismissal
  • Severance payments
  • The role of the Works Council

After the workshop, you will be well informed about what is involved in (preparing for) a reorganization and you will be able to work with a concrete and clear plan of action.

Participation is free of charge. You can register via the following link.


Do you have any further questions? Please contact Jaouad Seghrouchni, Senior Associate, Employment, Employee Representation & Pension.

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