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Webinar Flexwork – 14 november 2024

Jaouad Seghrouchni

17 November 2023 - < 1 minutes reading time

Thursday 14 November 2024 || 09:00-10:00 AM

There is still a lot to do around flexwork. Whether it concerns the qualification of self-employed workers, hiring on-call workers and entering into fixed-term employment agreements. Also at political level flexwork is on the agenda.

What is exactly the difference between temporary employment and payrolling? How employ personnel flexibly if it is not clear in advance how much work there will be? How to hire self-employed workers without the employment relationship being regarded as employment agreement? And what are the points of attention when concluding fixed-term employment agreements?

During this webinar, Jaouad Seghrouchni, employment lawyer at De Clercq Advocaten Notariaat, will reflect on the (legal) aspects regarding flexible work. He will also provide practical tips and recommendations.

The following matters will be covered:

  • Employee versus self-employed worker
  • Fixed-term employment agreements
  • On-call employment agreements
  • The new basic employment agreement
  • Temporary employment work and payrolling

After this webinar you will be up to date on the (im)possibilities with respect to flexwork.

Are you coming? Participation is free of charge. You can register here.


Do you have any questions? Please contact Jaouad Seghrouchni, Senior Associate, Employment, Employee Representation & Pension.



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