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Webinar – Remote working from abroad – 15 juni 2023

Caroline Mehlem

18 April 2023 - < 1 minutes reading time

We all know: hybrid working is here to stay! Simply because we have seen that it can and does work well. Working from home in the Netherlands does not pose many difficulties so far. However, things may be different if an employee wants to work partly or wholly from abroad. The desire to do so is heard more and more often. Then, legally speaking, it can become quite a complicated story.

During this webinar, Caroline Mehlem, employment lawyer at De Clercq Lawyers, updates you on all the (legal) facets of remote working from abroad and gives you tips and recommendations on how to approach this process properly. This will cover at least the following issues:

– Migration requirements;
– The applicable national labour law;
– The applicable national law forum;
– Social security in a nutshell.
– Tax aspects at a glance.

Upon completion, you will be well informed about what is involved in (preparing for) remote working from abroad and be able to oversee the relevant aspects and identify when you could use further professional support.

You will participate, won’t you? Participation is free of charge. You can register here.

See you then!

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