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Working together on supported policies

Good employee participation is essential for the optimal functioning of any organisation. Results improve and risks decrease. Moreover, support for policy ensures effective decision-making within companies. Thanks to employee participation, employees, clients and students can influence important decisions and think along about developments within the organisation. This is positive, because they know better than anyone what is going on within the organisation and can therefore provide valuable input.

Therefore, the Dutch legislator has given co-determination a strong formal position. Employee participation is even a constitutional right in the Netherlands. Good governance is therefore impossible without management and supervision that focus on employee participation. De Clercq’s employee participation team advises and assists directors and employee participation councils in a wide range of projects on a daily basis. With our passion for co-determination we help you reach jointly supported solutions in the interest of your organisation.

Organisations should make more and better use of the opportunities offered by employee participation. Early (informal) involvement of employee participation bodies ensures a dynamic course of the subsequent formal advice and consent procedures. If the participation works well, employees, clients and students will be involved in time with important decisions. Decisions that often have major consequences for them as well. As a result, the employee participation body will feel that it is being taken seriously and will be able to create the necessary support for the decisions and the director.

This already starts with setting up employee participation in line with legal requirements, but especially with tailoring employee participation to the employee’s own organisation and culture. Subsequently, it is important that clear agreements are made within the employee participation body and with the consultation partner on the method of communication and cooperation. The participation follows the control in a cadence that works well for both. Trust and confidentiality go hand in hand with openness and good communication on the basis of their own roles and responsibilities.

Focus Area’s

  • Establishing employee participation;
  • Consultation and information;
  • Advisory right;
  • Right of consent;
  • Negotiating;
  • Reorganisation and restructuring;
  • Takeovers and mergers;
  • Good governance and supervision;
  • Conditions of employment by and with the works council;
  • Sustainable employability;
  • Employee participation councils in the care sector;
  • Government participation – political primacy;
  • Employee participation in education.

Our approach

De Clercq’s specialist employee participation team works on a daily basis on designing and implementing employee participation in a wide range of organisations, from (multi-)nationals in industry to healthcare institutions and from museums and orchestras to government and educational institutions. All these organisations have their own way of exercising employee participation. Our team is at their service and advises and guides them with great passion and high quality.

We always keep the greater interest in mind and use negotiation skills and mediation techniques. If necessary, we will not shy away from litigation. In addition, our specialists regularly give webinars and training sessions in the field of employee participation and actively participate in various events.

Would you like to join our team’s employee participation community or would you like more information? Please contact Renate Vink-Dijkstra.