Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Vincent Stavleu

Vincent Stavleu is a resolute and driven labour lawyer who strives for efficient and viable solutions. It goes without saying that his clients’ interests always come first. Because of his diverse employment record, Vincent has experience in both commercial and public service working environments.

Education and career

Vincent started his career as an officer in the Haaglanden police force, where he decided in 2012 to study law in evening classes at Leiden University. His perseverance saw him graduate with a Master’s degree in Labour Law four years later. During his studies, Vincent worked as a legal adviser at the National Police Services Agency, where he gained valuable experience in a political and administrative work environment. After a decade in the police force, Vincent joined De Clercq in 2016, where he now specialises in labour law.

Vincent’s daily practice

‘My position is broad-based and diverse. I focus on a range of issues that involve both employers and employees. In addition to normal labour law, I also practise public service law. The experience I gained in the legal position that I held within the public service in my ‘previous life’ has been an excellent springboard in this respect. I can also assist you in matters relating to social security law – including the problem areas of incapacity for work and occupational rehabilitation – and advise employers on their obligations under the Dutch Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act.’