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Jeroen van Helden

Jeroen van Helden is an expert in IT, IP & Privacy.

Education and career

Jeroen studied law at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Michigan. He graduated cum laude. During his studies he worked as a tutor European legal history, gained experience at a law firm in The Hague and learned programming. After obtaining his master’s degree, he worked for several years as IT legal counsel within the government. Since April 2018 he joined the IT, IP & Privacy section of De Clercq Advocaten Notariaat.

Jeroen’s daily practice

“The field I practice, IT law, is not easy to define. Every sector of economy and society now feels the (disruptive) influence of digital information techniques and no area of ​​law remains unaffected. The field therefore has a tendency to straddle the various domains of law, from the Civil Code to the Procurement Act and from the e-Privacy Regulation to the Copyright Act. That is what makes the profession so interesting. It is always a question of combining excellent knowledge of law with good knowledge of information techniques in order to arrive at practical solutions for clients. That often requires creativity, but virtually always works.

From a practical point of view, I mainly do the following during a random week:

  • drawing up, reviewing and negotiating IT contracts, such as software development agreements, software maintenance agreements, EULAs, SLAs, NDAs, escrow, data processor agreements;
  • drafting user conditions for online platforms;
  • advising and litigating on (failed) automation projects, including implementation of ERP systems and development of customized software;
  • support with the implementation of new laws and regulations, such as recently the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information Systems Security Act (Wbni);
  • advising and litigating on tendering of IT products and services, such as software development, (hosted) telephone services, license management;
  • advising and litigating on disputes about privacy violation (both GDPR and basic rights).

I do this for a diverse group of clients: from startup to multinational and from government agency to natural person, with the emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.”