Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Michèle van Velzen

With some twenty years of experience as a deputy civil-law notary specialising in real estate, Michèle van Velzen is a trusted advisor for (institutional) investors, governments and project developers. She is confident, meticulous and result-oriented and an expert at keeping an overview in complex cases. Michèle also stands out because she likes to help Dutch parties with property transactions in France, and French speakers with property transactions in the Netherlands.

Background and career

After completing her notarial law studies at Leiden University – including time spent at the prestigious Université Panthéon-Assas in Paris – Michèle started her career in 1999 as a deputy civil-law notary. She took on this role for various law firms and notarial offices, gaining a wealth of experience in all aspects of real estate transactions. At the same time, she deepened her knowledge by taking courses such as the Professional Training for deputy civil-law notaries (2003), the Notarial Specialisation Training in Project Development (2008) and the Professional Training for Estate Planners (2012). Before joining De Clercq’s civil-law notary practice at the beginning of 2019, Michèle already had more than three years of experience as an independent legal consultant.

The daily practice of Michèle

“As a deputy civil-law notary, I advise clients on the legal aspects of real estate transactions, ranging from purchase and sale, financing and taxation, to commonhold issues and development, ensuring that all relevant matters are accurately recorded in agreements and deeds. My work touches on many areas of law. As the person running the show, I enjoy the challenge of making sure that everything comes together at the right time. And I try to keep things interesting for my clients, because naturally it’s a bit of a dry subject. I see the added value of my work mainly in the fact that not only do I give advice, I also ensure that matters ensuing from my advice are legally sound.