Lawyers and Notary in Leiden and The Hague

Jan-Willem Kolenbrander

Every case has its specific angles and individual clients have their specific wishes. And Jan-Willem Kolenbrander understands this better than anyone. He therefore strives, very patiently and with dogged perseverance, to find the solution that best works for you. As a leading expert in the area of franchising, Jan-Willem is also keen to share his knowledge via professional media, seminars, meetings and courses.

Education and career

After graduating in law (majoring in Civil Law) from Leiden University, Jan-Willem worked for several years at the largest legal expenses insurer in the Netherlands. This fuelled his interest in different forms of commercial collaboration arrangements, such as agency and franchising. After his move into legal practice in 2008, Jan-Willem focused fully on franchising and franchise-related questions. He joined De Clercq as a specialised franchise lawyer in 2012. With his knowledge and experience of litigation, Jan-Willem also supports other teams within the firm, such as the labour law team and the IT, IP and privacy team.

Jan-Willem’s daily practice

‘I have a particular affinity for franchising cases and represent both franchisors and franchisees, in and out of court. These cases include disputes – and trying to avoid disputes – concerning non-compete clauses, exclusive territories and terminating cooperation. You can also hire me to draft and assess franchise agreements, manuals and related documents. Due to my solid experience as a litigation lawyer, I have been able to settle many cases in favour of my clients.’